Sports grass can provide you with an artificial turf installation for any sports discipline. For detailed information specific to your area of sport, please make a selection.

Golf artificial turf


Artificial turf in golf is very popular due to recent technological advances allowing for putting surfaces to mimic perfectly realistic ball movement. The realism of the fake grass also provides an excellent fairway surface which is low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing all year round.

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Rugby artificial turf


Artificial turf in rugby provides a durable and safe alternative to real grass. The use of foam or rubber underlay provides enough padding to make rugby tackles land soft. You can now have the perfect rugby pitch with artificial turf.

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Tennis artificial turf


Tennis courts with artificial grass provide a ball reaction almost identical to a real tennis lawn surface. Experience an ace service with artificial grass tennis courts from Sports Grass.

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Hockey artificial turf


Safety, durabilty and low friction are the characteristics you need from a hockey pitch. Choose artificial turf to benefit from a professional playing surface that your hockey team deserves.

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Artificial turf for football by sports grass